Internships at LifeSong

"We are committed to equipping young Leaders who have a desire to serve Jesus and His church."

LifeSong Church's Internship program is designed to help young leaders become Equipped with foundational truths.


This builds character and provides the knowledge that is essential for their role as a healthy member in a local church and community

The Program

The primary areas of focus are MinistryDiscipleship and Engagement.

Ministry- As an intern, you will be asked to lead in a variety of ways depending on your ministry area of choice. This gives you hands-on  ministry experience.

Discipleship- As an Intern you can expect to both disciple and to be discipled. The primary environment for such life change is relationships and community. Each intern will have a ministry leader and will be challenged to care for and disciple others throughout their relationship.

Engagement- Jesus has called us to be disciples who make disciples

(Matthew 28:19-20)

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to be involved with "Revolution" which is LifeSong's local, national and international missions!



At the conclusion of your internship, our hope is that we have provided you with a positive ministry environment in which you have learned to grow, become stronger and a more faithful servant of Christ.

We strive to provide a variety of disciplines, vocational insights, vocational tools and long-lasting relationships that will help a student in his or her future calling.

Interns can also receive:

  • Video footage of you leading worship to use when seeking employment with a prospective church

  • A letter of recommendation from LifeSong Elders

  • A certificate of internship completion

  • College credit for appropriate college courses

  • All books and materials acquired during the program


Our obligation to you is to provide a quality discipleship and mentorship experience, provide opportunities to grow in ministry leadership, give hands-on experience in a local church ministry setting and provide what is necessary can for the student to receive full credit for their college course to the best of our ability.

Our Ideal Candidate should be a college student between the ages of 18-29; Is humble, teachable, dependable, available and is able to work with a team. You should hold an interest in Christian Ministry as a vocational calling as well as desire to grow in that.


You should be able to have and maintain a strong testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and support the mission, vision and doctrinal beliefs of LifeSong Church.

Your Obligation as an Intern would be to serve LifeSong Church under the authority of the Elders and Staff.


You should also maintain a positive public witness and abide by the church covenant during the internship.


You should also attend all necessary rehearsals, services and meetings and complete any and all necessary internship assignments.