Children's Ministry Internship


The Children's Ministry Intern will manage weekly ministry rhythms and execute tasks which contribute to major ministry events.

The major job responsibilities are behind-the-scenes and require various skills, which include but are not limited to:

  • Editing weekly lesson plans and activities.

  • Creating weekly ProPresenters.

  • Sourcing Materials and purchasing supplies for weekly activities and all Children's Ministry events.

  • Organization and managing inventory of storage areas.

  • Scheduling, managing forms, and advertising events.


  1. Prepare all materials for Sunday morning activities.

  2. Email volunteers with weekly activities, updates and other information.

  3. Plan and execute Sunday KidsLife games and activities.

  4. Create and coordinate volunteer's weekly schedules' (this will include leading it yourself at times)

  5. Create ProPresenter presentations each week for Sunday mornings.

  6. Participate in weekly meetings with the Student Pastor and Children's Minister (Mondays at 10am)

  7. Provide NextGen bi-weekly reports.

  8. Meet with the Communication Director for KidsLife information updates.

  9. Attend all Sumer events for Children's Ministry.

  10. Maintain ChurchTeams data.

  11. Maintain organization and cleanliness for the NextGen rooms (Large group room, small group rooms, sound booth, resource spaces)


  1. Complete LifeSong's Internship Application

  2. Must be at least a senior in high school


Mid-May through Mid-August (3 months)​