Worship Internship


The Worship Intern will function in an administrative and leadership role in the worship ministry, supervised by the Worship Pastor.

The major job responsibilities will be focused on Sunday Services and Wednesday evening Youth Services​.

Prior experience is suggested but not required.


  1. 3-hour workdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

  2. Full days on Sunday (6:30am-12:30pm)

  3. Participate in weekly prayer times (Mondays at 10am)

  4. Participate in staff meetings (Every-other Tuesday at 10am)

  5. Lead, develop and disciple The Reach student worship team.

  6. Help lead Wednesday evening rehearsals for Sunday Services.

  7. Assist worship leader in planning Sunday Services and special events.

  8. Formulate discipleship and fellowship process/events for Worship Team.

  9. Regularly serve on Sunday morning worship team; Lead whole service once per month.

  10. Complete Worship Leader's credit card report each month.

  11. Become familiar with Ableton, ProPresenter and any other software used to run Sunday Services.

  12. Maintain organization and cleanliness of the stage, green room and sanctuary. 


  1. Complete LifeSong's Internship Application

  2. Singing/Worship Leading experience (strongly preferred)

  3. Guitar of Piano Experience (strongly preferred)


6 months